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Great GNOME.Asia summit

Last Sat and Sun (18, 19 Oct, 2008), We BLUG, Sun and other organizations held GNOME.Asia summit which is awesome. More than 300 people attend such big event. there are many topics that I was very interested in on the schedule. And also, I met many famous people, such as Stormy Peter, Brian Cameron and Willie Walker etc.

I have talked to Willie who works on Accessibility for almost around 20 years. From the talk, I can feel that he is really a nice man, and devote himself into a11y for such a long time, and I understand it's very difficult to keep focusing on one thing, but he did.

Two people I have to mention, Pockey Lam and Emily Chen, without these two girls, we won't have GNOME.Asia summit. Most jobs have done by them including fantastic closing celebration. I'd like to give them my biggest thanks and regards to these girils.

Let me show you some pictures, I think that means more than the words.

(Stomy Peter)
(Brian Cameron)
(Brian Cameron)
(Brian Cameron)
(Li Yuan, atk and at-spi maintainer)
(Willie and me, ok, i admit i'm a bit fat now)
(Willie is giving presentation about orca)(his desktop)(his laptop)(Jon Phillips, giving lightning talk)
more pictures could be found here.


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BrainShare day

Yesterday, we held BrainShare big conference at JW Marriott Hotel. Many big guys attend meeting, such as Rodge Levy, Maarten Koster etc. It would be nice to hear their tune about our products in order that I could understand more about company and its philosophy Tired but worthy.


Something to memorized

Yesterday, 2005.05.12, about 14:30 (CST). A BIG earthquake happens in SiChuan province in China. Magnitude 7.8. We (live in Beijing) feel the quake in our building. I feel giddy and my colleagues also. People came to the ground immediately, so did I. What the luck is I'm still alive, and what the sadness is there are more than 10k people died there at now.

Hiding under the desk? No way. The building might be collapsed. What else we can do in such HIGH building except escaping from the fire-fighting access? I could imagine the 911.
This is my first time to experience such feeling. and I feel something inside of me. Life is so strong sometimes and might be fragile either. So what the left is treasure the life of everyday.

Bless the people in the venue could pass those tough days.


Happy in Novell

These days, I continued to learn packaging, and I pick universal-encoding-detector for practice, which is sharable C library for string encoding detection, written by Alex Lau. It is mainly based off of Mozilla detection algorithm.

Working in Novell makes me relax, self-disciplined, eager to learn. So many people here with so many funs. I am so happy with my job and really enjoy it.


A milestone is completed

Yesterday, I have finished building Accerciser and package it on openSUSE 10.3, Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.10. For me, this is the first milestone in my plan. Next, I would have a try to update the Accerciser to 1.3.1 and continue to package one or two packages as well, and start to RTFM...

Accerciser is updated to the lastest version at my home project on OBS, you could download the rpm format for Fedora 8, openSUSE 10.3 or deb for Ubuntu 7.10.